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Cake Tastings

Cakeheads charges a nominal fee for our cake tastings.  The reason we do this is because our decorators spend countless hours working on intricate creations for each our clients.  Our clients have a very high expectation of us.  As a client of ours, you will be glad to know that the decorator that is working on your cake is dedicated to you and your vision.  As a potential client, you are more than welcome to purchase slices of cake or cupcakes if you are simply interested in tasting our products.  Where our tastings are different, is that we invite you into our shop where you can see everything that happens.  You get the opportunity to sit with the artist that will be working on your cake.  You will enjoy a premium cup of coffee and experience all that Cakeheads has to offer.  We will go out of our way to ensure that you are comfortable with us, and that you trust us to take care of your special day.

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